Palliative And Respite Care

Bespoke Care At Home provides personal Palliative and Respite Care services for our clients and their families who need that extra support at an incredibly difficult time.

Having a dear person who needs extra care and attention, you want to attend to every day is both brave and heartbreaking as you have to witness their embarrassment and their feeling of guilt caused by the inability to be independent.

For this reason, it is common for both the patients who become sensitive then sense a feeling of being a burden or the family attending them, to call for experts and well-trained home care workers to give special care.

Home care providers are always a good idea as they use caring and gentle approaches in order to serve the patient and help them feel reliable and independent again while family and friends can still be around as much as they want without being stressed out or too tired to enjoy the moments spent together. Bespoke Care at Home does not follow one specific structure and pattern instead they offer services based on the patient’s need and build a solid relationship.

Palliative and Respite Care

Palliative care is very effective when it comes to recovering easily as is take into consideration both the psychological and physical needs of the patient. It is known that proper hygiene and personal care helps improve the mood and the ability to regain self-esteem and the ability to boost the recovery.

Staying at the hospital is usually distressing ever since the patient does not feel at ease in an unusual environment; they also find it hard to live freely in a confined environment with fewer choices to keep themselves entertained and stay in a good mood. Bespoke Care at Home, on the other hand, provides the loved ones or even yourself with the right and the experienced medical assistance at home, the services differ depending on the needs of taking the medicine at the right moment or assisting and measuring biological standards such as blood sugar.

The type of Palliative and Respite Care assistance is provided according to the age and type of disability or special needs the patient needs, our caregivers offer live in services making it easier for both the patient and the family to rest and enjoy the bliss of being free and independent.

Whatever the situation

Whether an emergency came up and you want an experienced person to attend to your loved ones with a loving hand or you just plan to take a rest from taking care of a loved one in order to stay healthy so that you will be able to take better care of them in the future, consider respite Care.

The home care services allow the family or friend caregiver to fulfill their professional duties properly it also gives them a break to recover from the big emotional distress they face when looking at their loved ones in pain, in addition to being able to rest their bodies that tend to be hardly able to maintain their physical health. Professional home care providers give emotional support to the patients as well as a partner to maintain their social link to the outside world they are also a great help when it comes to helping patients regain their independence and freedom

Bespoke Care at Home is certainly a great way to provide the care that best fits your needs while keeping the best relations with your family and friends.

Regulated by The Care Quality Commission

Bespoke Care at Home is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, who set an industry standard and which we aim to exceed every time.

You can view the full Bespoke Care At Home CQC Report on the Care Quality Commission Website.

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