Parkinsons Home Care

Parkinsons Home Care. We all want to take care of their loved ones and help them go through hardships but handling jobs, kids and your own personal life is hard enough especially if the loved one has signs of dementia or went through a terrible stroke and are trying to recover.

This would be even more stressful if you have a hard time dealing with usual daily activities such as Parkinson disease or any other disability or disorder preventing you from leading a normal life.

The Bespoke Care At Home Parkinsons Home Care Team has the objective to bring back confidence and self-esteem to you or your loved ones with its experienced professionals to give you a full heartfelt and warm home care for Dementia, Parkinson or Stroke. We want to provide the right support for elderly and disabled because they are part of us and deserve it.

Personal care and hygiene

Hygiene and personal care is the right of anyone at any age regardless of what their condition thus we provide a wide range of services fulfilling all body hygiene requirements from a full body wash

to month cleaning or shaving. Hair and skin care are also included to provide a full joyful experience.

Health and emotional care

Thoughtful and well-trained home care providers will not overcome the patient’s need for the right medication on time in order for them enjoy their days without too much pain. An attentive home health provider cares for the emotional care of the patient and makes sure to hear out and reach to the patient’s need to converse with a listening ear because shouldering the psychological needs makes both the patient and the care provider pleased throughout the day.

Entertainment and social reinsertion

Elderly or sick patients tend to isolate themselves even if they want and need company because of their feeling to be a burden while this is not true. It is always nice to spend some time at the movie theater or take a walk in the park and why not enjoy a great conversation around a delicious meal. Bespoke care at home also provides well-trained home care practitioners to accompany patients throughout their days to make them colorful and bright again all outdoor activities including any hobbies you or your loved ones prefer to do such as going to social clubs, watching and discussing TV Programs as well as reading for the patient.

Household chores and shopping.

Household chores are certainly the hardest things to do for Parkinson patients and any other ill patient this is why our caregivers make sure to attend at every need from cleaning every corner in the house, making laundry and provide clean linen at all times.

With the live-in service, the high-quality aid is offered all day long. In addition, business insurance cars give our experts widen the range of help they can provide such as taking the patient to do shopping and assist them with groceries, afterwards they can also help put everything in place while checking expiry dates. Cooking delicious healthy and microwaved meals is also in our range of services provided.

Bespoke Care at Home is the service you or your loved one can rely on when it comes to any type of help while respecting personal space and family activities. Our Parkinsons Home Care Team are here to support you through everything you need.

Regulated by The Care Quality Commission

Bespoke Care at Home is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, who set an industry standard and which we aim to exceed every time.

You can view the full Bespoke Care At Home CQC Report on the Care Quality Commission Website.

Join the Bespoke Care At Home Team of Carers

At Bespoke Care At Home we are always on the look out for new team members who can join our busy group of carers taking care of people in Berkshire.

You can find out if there is a place for you in our team by completing our online job application form. Just click the button below to apply today.  

Our Care At Home Services

Live In Care

Live In Care

Care for Children in the home and community1

Care For Children

Assistance with Medication

Assistance With Medication

Assisting with Daily Activities

Assistance With Daily Activities

Bespoke Care At Home Covers All Of Berkshire

We are proud to help people from all over Berkshire and have Bespoke Care At Home Team Members close to where you live who will be there to help and support you through difficult times. 

Call us today on 01628 604555, email us at or send us a message via our online contact form.

We provide Care At Home Services in the following areas: Windsor, Maidenhead, Slough, Dedworth, Dorney, Eton Wick, Marlow and Taplow. If your town is not on the list please contact us anyway because we may still be able to assist you.

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